The Y is committed to the safety of our participants. All youth participants wishing to move outside the designated shallow end of the pool must take a swim test. Those passing the swim test will be given a green bracelet and may swim outside the designated shallow area. Those who do not pass the test or do not wish to take the test must stay in the designated shallow area. During Family Swims, a parent may take one of their non-swimmer children out of the designated shallow area provided that continuous physical contact is maintained. Upon entering EYAC or the pool area at the Y, if the staff on duty can verify that a youth participant has previously passed a swim test, the youth participant will be given a green bracelet. Participants are requested to return their bracelets when they are done swimming. The Y reserves the right to deny participation, even in the designated shallow area, to unaccompanied youth participants who have not passed a swim test and do not meet pool specific minimum height requirements. The Y appreciates your support of our safety efforts.