Swimming Lessons

Learning to be a better swimmer can help kids build self-confidence and self-esteem and is an easy way to stay physically active and improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Safety around water is paramount for all children so start their lessons early!

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Group Swimming Lessons

Group Swimming Lessons are available for all skill levels. Each session consists of eight 30 minute lessons. Some classes may be canceled and fees refunded if there are three or less participants registered by the Wednesday prior to the first day of session. Scholarships are available!

Y Members $65/Session  //  Community Member: $75/Session

(Fees increase by $10 the Friday before the session start date.)

Private Lessons (Ages 3 and up)

Private lessons with the Y are a great way to enhance swimming technique and endurance for swimmers of all ages. Each session consists of six 30 - minute classes. For additional scheduling information, please contact Diane at

 *In order for the Y to ensure quality programming at an affordable price, all aquatic program fees are nonrefundable / nontransferable.



The Y is committed to providing children of all skill levels opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. In order to accomplish these goals, swimmers who are new to our program will need to take a swimming skill evaluation so that staff can assign each child to a level, ensuring a positive and successful experience for all class participants. Evaluations are provided on Mondays and Wednesdays between 6:15 - 6:55 pm at the Eastmont YMCA Aquatic Center or by appointment. Beginner swimmers and current Y swim lesson participants may register without a swimming skill evaluation.

Who: Any swimmer under the age of 13 who would like to swim by themselves past the shallow-end rope. If a swimmer has taken Uplift or Strengthen Our Swimmers, they do not have to take a swim test.


1. Jump feet first at the start point

2. Immediately begin swimming forwards using crawl stroke, breast stroke, or a combination of both. Swimmers must demonstrate a proficient forwards stroke (no doggy paddle). Swimmers must demonstrate their ability to put their face in the water without stopping to rest on the side or bottom of the pool.

3. Back float for 10 seconds

4. Tread water for 10 seconds

In order for the Y to ensure quality programming at an affordable price, all aquatic program fees are nonrefundable / nontransferable.

Lifeguard Classes

The Y offers Lifeguard classes through YMCA of the USA. Courses include certification in lifeguard, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid and Emergency Oxygen Administration. This 36 hour course combines e-learning, classroom learning, and water skills. Participants must be 16 years of age to be certified.

Classes are offered throughout the year based upon demand.  To add your name to an interest list, please contact Janessa Russ at 509-662-2109 or