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Code of Conduct

Everyone using the YMCA is expected to behave in a mature and responsible way to respect the rights and dignity of others. The YMCA insists that individuals using our facilities demonstrate caring, responsible, respectful and honest behavior. Our code of conduct does not permit profane language or language or action that can hurt or frighten another person. Any inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to, aggressive or threatening behavior, sexual harassment, inappropriate language or any inappropriate sexual activity will result in suspension or termination of membership. Behavior contrary to the mission of the YMCA will not be tolerated.

General Policies

To provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who visits the Y, we ask participants to comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. Appropriate supervision is requested. All children under age 13 must be in a structured activity, such as After School Program, Babysitting, Youth/Teen Center, Youth Sports, Open Youth Swim, Swim Lessons, or directly supervised at all times by an adult family member, age 18 and older.
  2. In the Y pool, a parent or adult family member over the age of 21 must be in the water with their children during Family Swim. For the safety of members, Y Pool capacity is 30 people. After the first 30 people arrive, members may wait their turn until space is available within pool capacity.
  3. Food and beverages are not allowed in Y program areas at any time. Water, in a sealed container, is allowed in the Gym, Fitness Center and Multipurpose Room.
  4. The Y is a tobacco-free environment. Smoking or chewing tobacco products are not allowed at any time in the Y.
  5. Adult program participation is generally limited to members age 16 and older. Youth ages 13 to 15 may participate in adult programs under the direct supervision of a parent or adult family member over the age of 21. Uplift graduates may participate without parental supervision. The YMCA Youth and Teen Center and Babysitting Area are available to support families during scheduled hours.
  6. Please report any accidents, injuries or suspicious behavior to a Y staff member. The presence of blood requires an immediate stop of activity. Please contact a Y staff member for appropriate first-aid treatment and clean up.
  7. Adult members are asked to set a good example for younger members by using appropriate language, appropriate clothing, and treating everyone with respect.
  8. Children four years and older must use the appropriate male or female locker rooms. A special needs / family locker room is available at the Y.
  9. Program areas for youth (0-15 years of age) are closed by 8:00 pm. Youth should not be in the facility after 8:00 pm, unless they are Uplift Graduates.
  10. Members are advised to consult with their personal physician before beginning a change in their level of physical activity.
  11. For the privacy of Y members and guests, cell phones or any other device capable of taking pictures or recordings are not to be used in the locker rooms.

Child Safety

The safety of children is a primary concern for the Wenatchee Valley YMCA. The Y Board of Directors has adopted the following policies to help provide an environment that will enhance the personal growth and development of children in Y programs.

  1. In order to protect Y staff, volunteers and program participants, one Y employee or volunteer will never be alone with a single child unobserved by another adult.
  2. Employees and volunteers may not be alone with children they meet in Y programs outside of their official Y interaction. Any exceptions require a written explanation in advance and are subject to administrative approval.
  3. Reference and criminal background checks are conducted on all employees and on all volunteers who work with children at the time of employment and annually thereafter. Employees and volunteers who work with children receive pre-employment training and annual follow up training on the recognition and prevention of child abuse.
  4. Children under the age of 13 are allowed in Y facilities only when in a supervised Y program or under the direct and constant supervision of a parent or adult family member over the age of 21.
  5. Y employees and volunteers providing direct care for children will be identified by photo identification or uniform that is familiar to the children with whom they work. Photographs of all Y employees will be kept on file.
  6. Y employees and volunteers will not discipline children by use of physical punishment or by failing to provide the necessities of care, such as food and shelter. Y employees and volunteers will not verbally or emotionally abuse children. Physical restraint will only be administered when necessary to protect the child or other children from harm.
  7. Y administrative staff will make unannounced visits to program sites. Parents of program participants may make visits to program sites, accompanied by a Y employee. Non-participants are encouraged to make an appointment for a tour and must be accompanied by staff.
  8. Y employees and volunteers will be alert to the physical and emotional state of all children in their programs and will report any signs of injury or suspected child abuse.
  9. All employees and volunteers working with children sign a Code of Conduct agreeing to abide by Y Child Abuse Prevention Guidelines. Any suspicion of a violation of these policies should be immediately reported to the CEO or the Y’s Director of Human Resources (509-662-2109).
  10. The Y will investigate all reports of suspected child abuse and will follow legally mandated reporting requirements.

Youth Policy

The safety and welfare of every child in our facilities is of the utmost importance for the Y administration. To that effect, the following policy will help us protect and care for your child while they are with us. All members under age 13 must be in a structured activity, such as Kid Zone, Child Watch, Teen Center, Youth Sports, Open Youth Swim, Swim Lessons, or directly supervised at all times by an adult family member, age 18 and older.

Members 13 and older may use the gymnasium, or Teen Swim when available. Youth ages 11 - 15 are permitted in the Fitness Center with direct and constant supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Youth ages 12-15 (or grades 6-9) must complete Uplift to be permitted in the Fitness Center or allowed to participate in adult Group Exercise classes without a parent or guardian.

The Teen Center is for youth in grades 6th-12th only and during specific Teen hours.

Members 16 and older may use the Y facility and services without parental supervision.

Public Disclosure Policy July 15, 2008

The Wenatchee Valley YMCA makes copies of the following items available for public review upon request:

  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • By Laws.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • 501(c)3 Determination Letter from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Form 990 and 990T for each of the last three fiscal years.*
  • YMCA Annual Reports for the last three years.

Form 990 and 990T are reviewed by the YMCA Board of Directors before being submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Form 990 and 990T are added to the public disclosure documents at the same time they are submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

Two sets of public disclosure documents are available at the Wenatchee Valley YMCA, 217 Orondo, Wenatchee, Washington. One set is available in the administrative offices and another set is in the office of the CEO.