Thank you to this year’s sponsors!!


Your support of the Wenatchee Valley YMCA Ment2B program will help change lives through mentoring youth right here in our Valley. Your contribution will help these young people with social, emotional, and academic. Help guarantee that our kids have someone that cares. Show them that they ALL matter by making a donation today!

This Mentor/Mentee program is designed to provide emotional, motivational, and academic support for at risk youth through a community of trained adult Mentors who are committed to their success.  



Growing up, did you have someone outside of your family that you considered an important person in your life? Someone that inspired or shaped you for who you are today? Many of our youth today grow up missing that connection, that Mentor.

When asked, 1 in 3 children want a Mentor. Those who have a Mentor are 52% less likely to skip school, 46% less likely than their peers to begin using drugs, they trust their parents more and communicate better with them!

Mentors meet at least 2-4 times a month with their Mentees! They may participate in activities such as playing sports, going to the park, riding bikes, going for ice cream, or other activities the Mentee may enjoy. There are monthly opportunities through the MENT2B Program to attend group activities, such as movie night, Wenatchee Wild Games, River Rafting, etc.

Mentors are there to provide emotional and social support while having fun!

Apply Here, or to obtain more information please contact Samantha Krumdieck, MENT2B Coordinator at (509) 662-2109 or by email at ment2b@wenymca.org


  • Have fun with your mentor!

  • Mentees are asked to make a school year (12 month) commitment

  • Must be between 8-17 years of age

  • Reside in the Chelan or Douglas County

  • Obtain parent/guardian permission

  • Parent/Guardian must be in continual support of program participation

  • Complete application process

  • Commit to meet with mentor 2-4 times per month

Apply Here